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Anonymous ASKED: So I saw that black girl that zico and B-bomb liked. I mean she looked ok I guess and it's good that zico liked her but do you think zico really liked her in that way or just probably wanted to have sex with her. she also kinds of look asian.

I mean to me she kind of looked scary and her eyes are scary 2. I know it sounds bad and I am not trying to be a hater I was just asking. I would Rate her a 5


this blog is pretty much defunct now but i just came back to say

you such a goddamn hater like get a life lol

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Anonymous ASKED: Do you know about the SM 2014 audition? Well I really want to join but I heard they only pick Asians they said any race can join but... I don't know they might not pick me because of my race so do you think I should try it out?

I’ve heard that some of different races made it pass the first stages, but then they are disqualified before it gets any further.

I don’t know personally how they will go about it and I don’t know if they will choose you or not, but I will say this:

DO IT. Go ahead and do it. Don’t make it be a regret because you never know what will happen. Treat it like any audition you would go for because you want a shot at it. Give it your best and give it your all. That is all that matters. Hopefully, they will realize your talent and if it is something they want, I hope they put discrimination aside and choose you.

Don’t worry dear. Just do it and be proud that you did.

-Admin Yani

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iggyfang14 ASKED: So wait is every k pop artist including EXO is racist against us?

There is no way to verify if every k-pop artist is racist, but there are some who are ignorant and have colorist views that are just as toxic.

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Anonymous ASKED: in my opinion i don't think we should be angry at people when it comes to racism. yeah people are racist, but we can't change the way they think. non-black fans might look down on us because of our skin color, i say so-what if they do. being asian doesn't make them a bigger better fan than us. i know there is racism in the kpop culture, but we can't do anything about it. instead of getting angry that our culture is represented as a "concept", we should embrace it and be happy.

There is nothing wrong with being “angry” (more like justifiably upset and frustrated) with wanting to show others that hold those racist or discriminate/problematic views that it is not right, AND BEING HAPPY AND EMBRACING OUR CULTURE!

I can do both (and many others can too), so I will always put those on blast who show ill ways like the fore-mentioned. To me, it is cowardly to know that something is wrong and you sit there and accept it. If the people before us did the same you wouldn’t have the chance to be sitting at your computer writing this.

Not everything is easy to confront, but what makes someone brave and courageous is to be able to face it even with the fear that no one will listen or change.  

If you can’t stand up for what you believe is right, if you can’t speak up because you are too afraid or have already thrown down the gauntlet because you give up….here’s my advice: Don’t end being a roadblock for those who will face those problems and fight them head on. You are only helping those we are trying to combat and impeding us in the end.

-Admin Yani

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Anonymous ASKED: So I came across a forum talking about how when foreign women are featured as the love interest, they're usually Anglo. Some girl was going on about how only black women were offended because they wanted to get the most attention and be seen as the most beautiful or whatever. I don't know if it has anything with me being multiracial, but I'd honestly be just fine if any darker skinned female was represented too. I mean, it'd be nice if we were all represented and seen as desirable, right?

That’s the thing Anony, that same girl who said that only black women want attention she is misinformed and insecure in her own way. 

ALL women want to be loved, desired, and respected. ALL WOMEN. There is not one that can be found that doesn’t want that deep down. Every woman should be desired and given equal opportunity to be represented. However, for that to happen, we need white women or Anglos to realize that they are shown ALL the time. It has been like that for centuries. When WOC are shown it is in a stereotypical light. Children of color have grown up watching television, looking at magazines, every where they see something other than themselves. They don’t have the opportunity like white girls to grow up with proper representation. It then falls on to the family to reinforce to their children that they are beautiful and worthy too.

These little girls grow up with not one character that they can go ‘Wow’ I want to be like her when I grow up without it being some stereotypical role or the background for someone else. It is ingrained in us over time that we are desired less and less beautiful than white women. 

That in itself is sad and it takes a lot to change that mindset in a child. It’s even on here sometimes when we call black women beautiful and a white girl jumps in and say every woman is beautiful. It may be true, but we need a time just like they had time to be  be doted upon too. We need that extra “Tell me I’m beautiful” because we have always been knocked down as the bottom of the barrel.

I can talk about this for a long time, but I think you will get what I mean. 

- Admin Yani

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Anonymous ASKED: I've always been in denial about the possible racism towards black people existing in k-pop but I'm glad I followed your blog because I really need to grow up and abandon this naiveté.

Wow, it’s nice you wanted to share this with me. I really appreciate it. I hope I can enlighten you in some way. 

Racism is there, but we must remember that racism is everywhere also. By denying racism and all the problematic issues dealing with race and society, we are only hurting ourselves. You are hurting yourself by denying it. However, making the strides and finally seeing it for what it is….that’s something you should feel proud of. I’m glad you told me anon. ^_^

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In which Yongguk and his father-in-law lead the resistance to protect the only family they have

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Kpop and Twerking: NO.


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"new girl group to bring twerking to kpop"


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no reason x chocolate girl

no reason x chocolate girl